Resumption of flights to return Egyptians from abroad tomorrow


EgyptAir resumes flights to return the Egyptians stranded in many Arab and European countries in implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattag el-Sisi, to return the Egyptians stranded abroad, and in accordance with the conditions set by the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Civil Aviation, by identifying the categories that meet the conditions for determining who are stranded, To comply with all pledges of payment for airline tickets, hotel quarantine expenses for 14 days.

On Tuesday, EgyptAir will take exceptional flights to return the Egyptians stranded due to the spread of the Corona virus in various countries of the world, in coordination with the ministries of “Foreign, Immigration and Tourism”.Civil Aviation Ministry sources said that the first exceptional flights take off tomorrow, Tuesday, to Beirut to return the stranded from there, and two flights on Wednesday, 22 April to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and the second from 3 countries on one trip, which is “Hungary, Greece and Serbia” and takes off from Belgrade Airport After the passengers of the three countries are assembled, and on Thursday, 23 April, the first 3 planes take off to Casablanca, Morocco, the second to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the third to Algeria and Spain, while on Friday, April 24, a flight will start to Bangkok in Thailand, and in On April 28, Om this starts a trip to Bahrain.

The sources pointed out that all flights coming from abroad will subject their passengers to quarantine for a period of 14 days, with the aim of limiting the spread of the Corona virus emerging as a benefit 19, The sources added there is coordination between all the ministries concerned to communicate with the Egyptians stranded abroad who want to return to Egypt and facilitate their return mission.

The civil aviation authority had announced the suspension of civil aviation traffic in Egypt, whether coming or leaving from Egyptian airports since March 19, and the letter excluded 5 cases of suspension, including air cargo flights and charter flights to enable the return of tourist groups after the end of their programs without bringing in groups New, international ambulance trips and domestic flights within the country.

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