Ronaldo rents a luxury villa on Madeira Island to escape the media in isolation


Juventus’s Italian star, Cristiano Ronaldo, rented a luxury villa in a quiet village, in his hometown of Madeira Island, in order to get away from the media that is chasing him, during his quarantine period.

According to the Portuguese newspaper, “Curio de Manha”, Ronaldo rented a villa in a quiet village in Madeira, amounting to 4000 euros a week, after he decided to leave the house he was living in, which consists of 7 floors, and the value of 8 million euros.

The newspaper added that, the villa, which the Portuguese star rented, contains 5 bedrooms, two kitchens, a gym, a training pool in addition to a children’s playroom and a large garden.

The newspaper pointed out that, Ronaldo is trying to maintain his physical fitness, after he trained today, “Madeira”, after the president of Nacional Madeira, agreed to open the stadium specifically for him.

It is worth noting that, Juventus tops the Serie A table, with 63 points, one point ahead of Lazio, the runner-up with 62 points, after 26 rounds.

The Corona virus outbreak caused all major European leagues to be temporarily suspended in order to protect against the spread of the virus, especially as sporting activities are witnessing large gatherings of audiences.

Georgina is Ronaldo's girlfriend
Georgina is Ronaldos girlfriend
Ronaldo (1)
Ronaldo (2)


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