Russian health official: The world will face a deadly epidemic of Corona


05:12 am

Tuesday 28 April 2020


Russian health official Alexander Miyasnikov predicted that the world will face a more deadly public epidemic than the Coronavirus.

“A second pandemic is inevitable, this will happen one day for sure,” said Mayasnikov, a well-known doctor in Russia and spokesperson for the Corona Virus Information Center. “We are all waiting for a serious epidemic that will kill 30-35%.”

Miyasnikov, who had previously announced that he had developed and recovered from a “COVID-19” infection, indicated that international experience in dealing with the emerging Corona virus pandemic would help the world better prepare for this dangerous new epidemic – according to “Russia Today” website. .

He stressed that the most dangerous places at the present time in light of the Corona virus pandemic are hospitals because they are characterized by a greater possibility of infection.

The spread of the “emerging corona .. covid 19” virus is accelerating every day around the world, resulting in infections and deaths, and the world’s governments are trying to limit the spread of the virus through social divergence policies and imposing strict measures to combat it.

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