Sadiq Al-Sabah announces the position of his new business after Corona: “A global form is expected … and sudden stops.”


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The great producer, Sadiq Al-Sabah, issued a statement announcing his new works, which are scheduled for display during the 2020 Ramadan season between Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco, as well as works that stopped filming due to the crisis of the Corona virus and the difficulty of completing them at the present time.

Al-Sabah said: «The crisis of the spread of the Corona virus affected all sectors, especially the dramatic and artistic sector that was in a race against time to enter the Ramadan season 2020 .. This morning, the Sabah Brothers Company was about to show nine TV acts, including eight series between Lebanon, Egypt and Morocco in addition To a huge TV program, “Ghaleb El Saqa” with the star Ahmed El Saqa.

The statement added: “The general mobilization decision imposed by the Lebanese state, in addition to the closure of Lebanon’s airport and its borders, prevented the completion of most of the works that the company is photographing in Lebanon.”

He continued: «The works that were postponed during the holy month of Ramadan 2020 are the following works»:

“Black Light” series starring Haifa Wehbe, postponed until after Ramadan, and the main reason is that part of his actors in Egypt are unable to attend due to the closure of airports, and the series “The Prestige” star Tim Hassan, as despite the implementation of about 70% of his scenes, What remains is a large cast of actors and crowds as well as numerous open areas and military hardware.

And also from the works that were stopped and postponed, the series “2020”, as the remaining action scenes that do not exceed twenty percent are based on popular neighborhoods and a large number of compounds, and the series “From the Other” was also postponed for several reasons, most notably the delay in starting filming until the hero ends The work is Motasem Al-Nahar, from the filming of the series “Ma Fei”.

In Morocco, the Sabah company produces three works, from which it will display two works, namely “Birth Certificate” and “Salamat Abu Banat,” while the third work, “Sons of Anchorage”, was postponed due to the remaining external scenes.

On the other hand, the Sabah Company was able to complete the awaited series “Sugar Ziada”, which brings together the two Egyptian stars Nadia Al-Jundi and Nabila Obaid, in addition to Samiha Ayoub and Hala Fakher and a large group of stars, guests of honor, and this work is considered one of the largest productions this year. On a foreign series called “Golden Girls”, we will follow this expected work via MBC Egypt and Dubai TV.

We also follow this year through MBC channels, “The Beat Al Sakka” program with the star Ahmed El Sakka, who hosted 30 stars from Egypt, Lebanon and Syria.

We recall that most of the series that were postponed The company finished filming the largest part of its scenes and after extensive meetings by the company’s board chairman Mr. Sadiq Sabah with the ministers of industry, culture, interior and finance and the head of the Supreme Council of Defense all showed great interest in the Lebanese drama industry that achieves very advanced steps, In the interest of the Lebanese drama and its future, the concerned ministers understood the importance of completing the filming of these works, within the required preventive and health conditions, and each working group quarantined in one place until the end of filming, so the projects that were postponed until after Ramadan 2020, filming will resume in a short period of time, and the timing of its broadcasts will be announced with the exhibiting stations.

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