Samsung gets rid of its voice assistant forever in June


South Korean Samsung will get rid of its Voice Assistant, S Voice, from June 1st.

The Samsung voice assistant could not match the famous voice assistant of the iPhone Siri, as well as around it on low ratings by many users, according to the technical website “The Verg”.

Samsung provided its voice assistant, S Voice, for the first time in 2012, via its Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, but while he was able to write reminders to users and chat on their behalf, he was lacking to answer user questions in a chat way, just as Siri and Google Assistant are designed to do this very smoothly.

After that, Samsung replaced its Bixby voice assistant in its phones starting from the Galaxy S8, as well as in some wearable devices from Samsung, such as the Galaxy Watch and the GAS S3 watch, which will have updates from After the first of next June.


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