Schubert announces the destination of Ahmed Fathi after his departure from Al-Ahly and the fact that Zamalek negotiated with him


The media, Ahmed Shoubir, the star of Al-Ahly and the former team, revealed the destination of Ahmed Fathi, the star of the team, after His decision Leaving the genie the Red At the end of the current season.

Ahmed Schubert, in statements on “On Time Sport” channel, confirmed that Ahmed Fathi is very close to joining the Pyramids team, explaining that he posed this question to Fathi to assure him that until now the team has not gone ahead.

Schubert added that Fathi is close to joining Pyramids for 15 or 17 million pounds in the season, and he and Sheriff Ekrami, the Al-Ahly keeper who also announced his departure at the end of the season, will be charged the same amount.

Schubert added that Ahmed Fathi assured him that he was awaiting an offer from a Saudi or Emirati club for professionalism abroad.

Schubert continued that Fathi’s closest joining was Pyramids.

As for the fact that the Zamalek negotiations to include Ahmed Fathi, Schubert confirmed that those negotiations were two years ago before its renewal For my family But at the time there are no Which Negotiation.


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