Schubert: Fathi is waiting for Al-Ahly after the failure of his departure to Pyramids .. and his transfer


09:38 AM

Thursday 09 April 2020

Cairo – (Masrawy):

The media, Ahmed Schubert, revealed that Ahmed Fathi, the right-back of the Al-Ahly team, is awaiting renewal of negotiations with him by the Red Castle, after he was unable to move to the Pyramids.

The last period witnessed negotiations between Al-Ahly and specifically the Planning Committee with Ahmed Fathi to renew his contract, which will end at the end of the current season, but the parties did not reach a material agreement.

Schubert added in statements on Radio “On Sport” Thursday morning: “Until now, it has not been confirmed that Pyramids’ retreat in the annexation of Ahmed Fathi, there is a solution from the first two of the message that Ahmed Fathi has published linking him with Al Ahly.”

He continued: “I imagine that this message indicates that Ahmed Fathi is waiting for Al-Ahly to resume negotiations with him on the renewal.”

He continued: “As for the second perception, which is that we assume that Fathi does not continue with Al-Ahly and his transfer to Pyramids fails, he will think about the Zamalek club and here I say Fathi’s transfer to Zamalek is difficult because of the salary.”

He continued: “Until now, Zamalek has not renewed Mahmoud Alaas contract due to the player’s waiting for the financial estimate, and here is the question: Does Fathi accept reducing his salary to move to Zamalek?”

And Schubert finished: “The ball is now in Al-Ahly Stadium after Fathi cannot move to Pyramids.”


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