Scotland clubs are considering canceling the season due to Coruna


British press reports revealed that the Scottish Football Association is considering canceling the rest of the football season and adopting the results of the championship.

The newspaper “Telegraph” British, that many of the clubs of the Scottish League are seriously considering the proposal to cancel this season, and give the Celtic team, the leaders of the competition, the title of championship.

The newspaper pointed out that the main goal of the clubs ’desire to adopt this proposal is to collect the money distributed to the clubs at the end of the season, based on the final ranking of the championship according to the position of each team, in order to solve the financial crisis in those clubs.

It is noteworthy that the Belgian League recently decided to end the competition and declare the club team Bruges a league champion one round before the end of the tournament.

The European Football Association (UEFA) expressed its refusal to end the football season in the European leagues, indicating that this decision is premature, and called for the need to determine the champions of this season on the field, in a statement sent to the 55 member states of the Union.


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