Sepp, Hamadeh, risked … John Cena and Hamada Hilal on Twitter


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A wrestling tweet for American wrestling star and actor John Cena has reminded us of a series of absurd tweets by Hamada Hilal on Twitter, and the funny thing is that the Egyptian artist is the one who caught the attention of the story … Here are the details.

The American wrestler published a tweet in which he said: “Each wasted second is a second wasted.” It is a tweet that would have gone unnoticed despite its freshness, had it not been for the Egyptian artist Hamada Hilal, he retweeted it, and commented on it by saying: “God bless you Days of the Dream of a Lifetime movie … “.

What sparked a wave of funny comments, among Hamada Hilal’s followers on Twitter, in which they retrieved previous tweets of him that were absurd, and the similar meaning:

“The best time to sit in the sun by day”

“The people who raise their hands above there raise their hands above and they stand with us.”

“The best place to workout is the gym …”

Followers of Hamada Hilal replied:

“No one knows who will show the hidden details except you”

“I am not able to determine in what, for sure, I know”

But perhaps the most funny commentary on the topic, was that one of the followers copied John Cenas tweet, commenting on it:

Sepp the account, Hamada, Hilal.

Technically … Egyptian artist Hamada Hilal is pleased to release a new song, entitled “Tunisians in Some”, urges people to stay at home to ward off the danger of the spread of Corona, and the song is scheduled to be broadcast soon, on MBC Egypt.


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