Set the frequency of the new mbc 5 channel 2020 to follow the Ramadan series on Nilesat


We provide you through a site in the model, the frequency of the new mbc channel 2020, in order to display the Arabic series, so millions in the Arab world search for the channel to follow all the upcoming dramas in the month of Ramadan, where all series makers compete on the small screen and exciting dramas in highlighting various stories And succeeding in reaching the highest viewing percentage during the seriess presentation during the holy month of Ramadan, so we offer you the latest frequency for the new mbc channel to display the series on the Nilesat satellite.

The frequency of the new mbc channel 2020

The mbc 5 channel is the best in the group of the famous mbc channels in the Arab world, the channel has always worked to cover all groups, ages and cultures, so several channels were devoted to children and adults, especially for foreign films and another for Arabic and others for sports, and the channel has always continued in the introduction of satellite channels in proportions The huge viewing and the inability of any channel to compete with the mbc group because of its entertaining, interesting and targeted content in the majority of the time, so we brought you the latest frequency for the 5 mbc channel.

  • Satellite: nile sat.
  • Frequency: 11559.
  • Coding: 27500.
  • Polarization: vertical.
  • Error correction rate: 5/6.

The new mbc 5 channel 2020 is characterized by working all day throughout the day, along with the replay of the episodes, in order for the viewer to see the episodes of the favorite series while he could not follow the first show, very high quality HD display, and the channel management attends several very interesting programs that will be shown About them at the beginning of next month.


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