She betrayed her lover with a director .. 7 Information about Kristen Stewart on her 30th birthday


Celebrating the ninth day of April, the star American Kristen Stewart On her thirtieth birthday, as the famous star became one of the most important Hollywood stars despite her young age, after she managed to star in a series of the most important films.

This leads us to exposure to seven information about the famous star that its fans and fans may be ignorant of her in conjunction with her birthday.

She grew up with two brothers, one of whom is adoptive, almost the same age.

Her father is a famous software producer, John Stewart.

“Stewart” thought that she would become an author or director, especially that her entire family is working behind the scenes out of the limelight, but she wanted to become famous and people know her since childhood, which made her train to have a certain signature form ready for fame.

She was nominated three times for Best Young Actress Award from 2003 to 2005 but never received the award.

Stewart owned a private home after her role in a movie «Twilight» Which harvested about 12.5 million.

Stewart’s relationship with her lover Robert Pattison began in 2008, but they kept the relationship secret until 2010.

She betrayed her sweetheart, Pattison, with director Katharine Hardwick». Which sparked a storm of anger towards her fans.


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