“She got up in the apartment and ran away” .. A woman ends her husband’s life by burning during Ramadan


2:09 a.m.

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

The housewife ended her husband’s life in the Al-Tawabeek area of ​​Al-Haram neighborhood, setting fire to the contents of the matrimonial nest, taking advantage of her husband’s immortality to sleep, collecting belongings and escaping before the police uncovered the hidden.

The beginning is due to the Civil Protection Chamber official in Giza receiving a signal from the Najda Police of a fire in the Al-Tawabeek area, near a school.

The firefighters managed to control the fire, and they found the body of a semi-charred person inside the closed bedroom, so the detectives and the public prosecutor were summoned.

Immediately upon his arrival, Lt. Col. Muhammad Al-Sagheer, the head of the Al-Haram Investigation, intentionally examined the apartment, and noticed the disappearance of the wife, while the contents of the apartment were completely roasted.

The wife’s disappearance in mysterious circumstances reinforced the hypothesis of her involvement, directing Brigadier Tariq Hamza, head of Sector West, to intensify investigations about her, with the participation of the Haram division led by Lt. Col. Hisham Bahgat.

Investigations of Major Islam al-Sayyid, the deputy of the Investigations of the Pyramid, determined that the wife was responsible for the incident, and that she set fire to the contents of the apartment and escaped.

After the codification of the procedures, a force supervised by Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Al-Sagheer managed to arrest the complainant against her, who initiated the denial before admitting her action after facing investigations, explaining the reason for the existence of marital disputes between her and the victim.

The necessary minutes were prepared, and Colonel Mohamed Nabil, the warden of the Haram Department, referred him to the Public Prosecution for investigation.


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