Sherine Abdel Wahab is very sad … and why?


Sherine Abdel Wahab, the Egyptian actress, expressed her sadness at the death of the martyrMohammed al-Hofy, Who died in police clashes with a terrorist cell yesterday in the Amiriya district.

Sherine inherited the martyr on her official page on a social networking site, and she wrote: “Sad with all my heart, the news of the death of the martyr Muhammad al-Hofi Imbareh .. My condolences to his family and colleagues and may our Lord be patient and plump upon their heart in their distress, a hero lived and a hero died.
The people of Damanhur city in the lake took a deep state of sadness after they learned of the martyrdom of their city’s Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Fawzi al-Hofy, and a large number of families and relatives of the martyr arrived at his home in the new Damanhur region, to offer condolences and funeral for his funeral in his hometown.


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