Shock .. French doctor Reims committed suicide after suffering from Corona


In a shocking incident, French club Reims announced today, Sunday, the death of his doctor, Bernard Gonzales, who committed suicide after contracting the new Corona virus “Covid 19”.

Gonzales left a letter in which he talked about the reasons behind his taking this shocking move, according to the French newspaper “Le Parisien”.

The club said in its statement: “Bernardo was a great doctor at the highest level and everyone appreciates his efforts with us,” and the website indicated that the positive status of his doctor was discovered two weeks ago.

The newspaper “Le Parisien” indicated that the doctor’s wife is also ill with the new global epidemic.

This comes at a time when members of Reims Club confirmed that they were not aware of the late infection with the emerging virus, as one of the members of the club said: “I spoke to him last week and he did not mention this to me, what a drama. It will now be necessary to warn players and staff. The shock will be terrible.


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