Sister of a famous artist locked up in a moral scandal


The security authorities deposited the sister of a famous artist in a prison, for her involvement in an ethical scandal, by leaking pictures of pornography and videos of artists, celebrities and blackmailing them, through the account of “Hamza Moon Bibi”.
Moroccan security forces arrested “Ibtisam Batmeh” sister of the famous artist “Donia Batmeh”, against the background of the celebrity scandal case linked to the controversial account “Hamza Moon Bibi”.
Although artist Donia Butma was also involved in the case, the authorities released her case on bail while preventing her from leaving Morocco, while Moroccan model Aisha Ayyash was imprisoned after her deportation from the Emirates, after requesting her extradition from the Moroccan authorities.
While the administration of the local prison in Adayah, Marrakech, issued a statement in which it responded to its special treatment, noting that there was no preferential treatment for the two prisons (A) and (C) at the expense of others, in response to what was reported by some news sites and the video publishing site YouTube on this topic.
The Foundation stated, in a communication to it, that contrary to what was stated in the articles and videos published about “the existence of privileges for the two prisons (A) and (C) excluding others”, there is no preference for female prisoners at the expense of others, stressing that The management of the prison institution is keen to treat all inmates equally and to enjoy them the rights provided for in the law regulating prison institutions.


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