Son of Corona victim, whose family refused to receive it after death, “I couldn’t find an Arab ambulance”


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Ahmed Subhi, the son of Mrs. Amina, who died due to Corona in Alexandria, denied reports that his family refused to receive his mother’s body after she died in a hospital, stressing that there are videos showing him carrying his mother’s coffin without any safety measures from the severity of his love for her.

He continued, “When the hospital contacted me it was at the time of the ban at 12 am, and I tried to get an ambulance in order to bring my mother to bury her in the family burial and it didn’t take long.”

Ahmed Sobhi added, during a phone call to the “Ninth” program, presented by Wael Al-Ibrashi, through the Egyptian Channel One, saying: “I did not give up my mother and from him to God who said so.” He pointed out that the one who carried his mother’s coffin had an officer, a doctor, 3 soldiers and his brother .

Commenting on the hospital’s record of the report regarding the family of the deceased’s refusal to receive the body, saying: “This has never happened. I am a worker in the Drinking Water Company in Alexandria and asked the company’s general manager to provide me an ambulance. Given the ban, he was not even able to honor me with an ambulance and went to the hospital and took us The body .. There are videos and I hold my mother without wearing even the muzzle. ”

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