Spanish Foreign Minister: Turkey has shown generosity by sending respirators to us


Spanish Foreign Minister Maria Gonzalith Laia has announced that breathing devices purchased by two autonomous administrations in Spain from a Turkish company will arrive in the country thanks to solidarity from Turkey, expressing her thanks to Ankara.

“Friendly and allied Turkey has shown generosity by taking a decision to send respirators to Spain,” Laya said, in a statement to the Spanish channel “Quattro”, on Saturday.

The administration of the Castilla, Leon, and Nabara autonomous regions in Spain bought 150 respirators in previous weeks from a Turkish company for 3 million euros, and because of the restrictions imposed by Turkey due to the Coruna epidemic, as well as other countries, on the export of medical equipment, the delivery period for these was delayed. Devices to Spain.

Saudi and Emirati media claimed that Turkey had “taken over” the respirators, and claimed that the shipment was from China, not Turkey, contrary to the truth.

The minister strongly criticized accusations made by the opposition parties in Spain to Turkey, because of the delay in the arrival of the aforementioned agencies to her country.

“I would like to express my strong and clear rejection of the unjust accusations leveled against Turkey, where incorrect accusations were made (confiscated or stolen) of respirators,” she added.

“Everyone should realize that the circulation of such accusations in the press, in political parties, and in public opinion, is damaging our bilateral relations with Turkey,” she added.

She explained that the issue was resolved through diplomatic means, explaining, “What happened is that the delivery of the respirators purchased by the two autonomous administrations was delayed. Turkey previously wanted to use these devices for its patients, but when it saw our urgent situation we decided to share it with us, and informed us that tonight.”

Laya indicated that the licensing procedures for the mentioned breathing apparatus have been worked on and will arrive in Spain in the coming hours.

“A major task has been undertaken by the Spanish government, which is taking responsibility and focusing on work, and the Turkish government has responded to the emergency in Spain, this is the only message that should be given,” she added.

On the other hand, Laya expressed her account on Twitter, thanks to Turkey and its Foreign Minister Mevlut Cawushoglu, saying, “We thank Turkey, our friend and ally.”

Spain ranks second in the list of corona deaths globally, after the leading Italy, followed by the United States and France.

As of Saturday evening, the number of Corona sufferers worldwide exceeded one million and 190,000, of whom more than 64,000 had died, while more than 246,000 had recovered, according to “Worldometer”.

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