Special The brother of the composer Khaled Adel reveals the fact that Tamer Hosni helped him


08:57 PM

Tuesday 07 April 2020

I wrote- Bahira Foda:

Hussam, the brother of the composer Khaled Adel, said that the artist Tamer Hosni has not abandoned his brother since the beginning of his illness, after he suffered bloody poisoning and water on the lung.

Hossam added in statements to “Masrawy”: “The artist Tamer Hosni follows me daily, and I have step by step, and he spoke to me and said, I want to be transferred by any hospital, and I will take care of everything.”

Hossam continued: “My brother Khaled did not move and was not aware of me saying, and I took the opportunity to leave because I was reassured by the doctor about his condition, and I took the mobile by buying it and made videos on Facebook, and I was surprised, and he is asking for help from the artist Tamer Hosni, even though he does not have a moment.”

Hossam added: “I have been inspired by the videos Khaled wanted to work on his account, and I apologized to the people, because he is not aware that he is doing what, and his condition is bad and he is unconscious at times.”

Hossam continued, “By thanking the artist Tamer Hosni and his brother for having stood by us in this crisis, and the union also continued with me and wanted to help me, but I informed them that the artist Tamer Hosni is responsible and responsible for treating my brother Khaled.”

The composer Khaled Adel published two video clips, today, asking them to ask his friends to help him in his ordeal, saying: “Al-Haqni, my group, my sisters and friends, please join me, Tamer Hosni, please follow me.”



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