Specialized in mental health: Corona fear may lead to infection


Dr. Rasha Al-Jundi, a mental health teacher at Beni Suef University, said that the impact of anything may differ from person to person, and there are those whose character changes in crises, noting that we are in a stage that no one should think selfishly, because the safety of others is one of our safety, which are messages that he launched Egyptians to the whole world by providing medical aid to Italy.

Dr. Rasha El-Gendy added, during an interview with the media Amr Adib on the program “The Story”, that fear while we live now is normal, but sick fear is the crisis, and it may cause some people to be completely isolated from their loved ones, and here it happens that the subconscious It works in a negative way, or in a common sense, the thing that a person is afraid of may come because of the influence of his subconscious mind on him, but it is necessary to look in a positive way to the crisis in terms of following up the numbers of those recovering from the epidemic and other positive statistics.

Dr. Rasha Al-Jundi explained that the period of sanitary isolation is an opportunity for citizens to be more human with each other, because many of us did not have time to hear, as it is an opportunity to cultivate responsibility in the hearts of children by talking with the child as a large person, and explain the reasons for sitting in Homes in this way, and if the child is treated in this way, he will grow up against it and the matter will be completely different for him when he grows up, and there must be home activities and schedule for it in which children participate.


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