Sports Minister: The league has not been canceled … and Fyler’s proposal has not been implemented by any country


Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, stressed that the league championship was not canceled, but was postponed only, with the obligation to freeze sports activities and suspended the activity for a period of two weeks in compliance with the decision of the Council of Ministers.

In exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, the Minister of Sports said about the possibility of establishing the league in remote places according to the suggestion of Al-Ahly’s Rene Vyler, that this did not happen in any country in the world, to transfer the tournament to another place, so everyone committed to freezing tournaments at the present time in Under the conditions experienced by various countries.

He added Sports Minister That Infantino, FIFA president, said, “Nobody is asking about the return of the league at the present time … The most important thing is human health and safety.”

And Rene Filer, Al-Ahly technical director, submitted a proposal to save the league season from the specter of cancellation, and said, during his hosting of one of the programs, “I suggest setting up a tournament between clubs within sterile stadiums, so that players stay in hotels under supervision … I know that the problem is global, and we have a commitment, I do not have other options, they are just suggestions and hopes, and we are committed to any decision made by the Football Association in the midst of the Corona crisis, no one knows what will happen in the coming period, and we hope to resume the games in order to delight the fans, and I hope that the league matches will be held, I respect the conditions of the country, and I hope that the duration will not be long.

It is mentioned that Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, previously confirmed that there are still no indications regarding the future of the league, whether by canceling or completing the tournament or crowning the leader in the title and all federations and all state institutions are committed to the state’s decision to extend the suspension of activities for 14 days, and all state institutions Going the same way. “


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