Stages of assembly of a Malaysian robot to examine people with corona to prevent infection of doctors … pictures


Many countries are trying to follow the latest technological means to communicate with patients infected with the Coronavirus, including robots that have seen effective use in China that managed to contain the virus on their territories, so Malaysian scientists have developed a robot that makes rounds of patients instead of doctors so that the infection is not transmitted to them, it can Through him communicate with them.

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According to news reports, Malaysian scientists have created a robot that tours hospital wards to check for patients with the Coronavirus, which reduces the risk of infection by nurses and doctors.

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Reports indicated that the robot with a length of 1.5 meters is equipped with a camera and screen through which doctors can communicate remotely with patients, and the robot, made by scientists at the International Islamic University in Malaysia, is equipped with a device to check temperatures.

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Zine El Abidine, a member of the team responsible for the invention, told AFP that the robot aims to help nurses and doctors working in the wards by communicating with them from a distance.

He added that the cost of developing the robot amounted to 15,000 ringgit (equivalent to $ 3500), and the university plans to put it soon in hospitals where it treats patients with the Corona virus, and if it proves its effectiveness, scientists hope to generalize its use in all government hospitals that have people with the Corona virus COVID-19.


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