Stars in isolation … Moon at night Koura: I wish to play in Spain


A season that was special even before he stopped for Khaled Kamar, the player of the Alexandria Union team, Lackoura, asked several questions far from the current season, but they are related to the path of Khaled Qamar, and these were his answers:

* If you were not a player … what job did you wish for?

– I am a young coach who adores the ball.

* How do you spend the ban period?

– With my children and exercise at home.

* She entered the kitchen?

– Oh, of course … a lot.

* Are you in contact with your team?

Bantaman some through Group Chat.

* If time comes back to you, what decision will you change?

– Praise be to God, all the needs I write for, I am satisfied with them.

* Which league do you wish to play in?

– The Spanish.

* Your message for your loved ones?

– Get home.


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