Starting Monday, Saafan announces the details of the exchange of a 500-pound grant for irregular employment


The Minister of Manpower, Muhammad Sa`fan, announced the start of the countdown to disburse the grant decided by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, in support of the state for irregular employment affected by the repercussions of the Corona virus, amounting to 500 pounds in a total of 1500 pounds over a period of 3 months for about one million and 400 thousand due.

The minister explained: The beneficiaries were divided into segments, so that the first stage will start from the day after tomorrow, Monday and continue for a period of 4 days in a row until Thursday, April 16th of this year, through a text message sent on the mobile phone to the recipient 24 hours before his entitlement to the exchange, determined by the message On the day of the exchange, the post office or the branch of the Egyptian Agricultural Bank from which the exchange will take place.The Minister affirmed that, in implementation of President Al-Sisi’s directives that there is no congestion on the part of the beneficiaries in order to preserve their safety, the committee formed by Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, headed by him, put all precautionary measures and exchange mechanisms, and in order to ensure that there is no contention in front of the planned outlets, and to avoid the occurrence of a virus infection Corona, 4 thousand postal outlets were allocated to the Republic, as well as 600 schools in some governorates for disbursement, in addition to the branches of the Egyptian Agricultural Bank in some governorates.

The Minister of Manpower pointed out that, in order to take into account the emergency conditions that prevent the grant from being disbursed to some, he will take into account the allocation of an appointment that will be announced to pay the dues of those who will fall behind the day allocated to him.

The Minister revealed that the total of those who registered themselves on the form for irregular employment on the website of the Ministry of Manpower reached one million and 900 thousand forms, and these forms were audited, and this resulted in the exclusion of nearly 500 thousand non-eligible according to the eligibility criteria for the grant.

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