Sterile duck .. Hala Sidky at the breakfast table, Ilham Shaheen .. Video


The artist Hala Sedky published a video through her official account on Instagram, accompanied by the artist Ilham Shaheen.Ilham Shaheen invited Hala Sidky to breakfast at her home and published the video jokingly saying: “The duck of inspiration, breaking the fast during Ramadan every Ramadan.

And commented on the video: “Breakfast after sterilization.”

The video impressed its followers and their comments were as follows:

May I be happy that your friendship continues .. Our Lord sustains love between you..Every Ramadan and you are loved

Your beauty, Egyptian artists

Happy new year

Mashaa Allah, I love your friendship

May God make you a habit

It is reported that the artist Ilham Shaheen Expired From filming her latest movie, “Curfew”, due soon.


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