Suheir Ramzi: “I did not marry Omar Sharif and Adel Imam, the best artist.”


11:31 PM

Sunday 26 April 2020

I wrote – Sahar Azzam:

The actress Suheir Ramzi denied her marriage to the late artist Omar Sharif, pointing out that the rumor of her association with the late artist came after his visit to her with a group of friends during a visit to Egypt after her filming of the movie “Sinners”.

She said, during a television interview with the program “Sheikh Al-Harat and Al-Jaray” presented by director Enas Al-Deghaidy on “Cairo and People” today, Sunday, that all of her marriage relations were official and that the shortest period of her marriage was one year with the artist Mahmoud Qabil, pointing to her remorse for her making Abortion several times and not having children.

Sohair Ramzi added that Adel Imam is the best actor who starred in front of her in the cinema, noting that the artist Yasmine Sabry is the best person who plays her role because she feels that there are many things in common between them.


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