“The assassination of Sadat, an apartment fire, and an accident for Ghada Adel and Iyad Nassar’s daughter”


09:24 PM

Friday 24 April 2020

Books- Diaa Mostafa:

CBC channel presented the first episode of Layalina 80, starring Ghada Adel, Sabreen, Khaled Al-Sawi and Iyad Nassar.

This is the most prominent thing in the episode ..

– The series begins with the day of the assassination of the late President Anwar Sadat.

Hisham “Iyad Nassar” returns from abroad.

– Hisham and his wife, Ghada Adel, are arguing over discovering that she bought a new car.

– Hisham tries to contact his brother Jalal “Khaled Al-Sawy”, but he cannot reach him.

-Jalal buys a paper and a ring for his wife, actress Nourhan, and they celebrate each other in a romantic way.

– During the return of the daughter of Ghada Adel and Iyad Nassar, she takes a taxi, which artist Mido Adel is working on, but they are in an accident.

-At the same time, Hisham receives a call from his niece Jalal, that they called her for a fire in her father’s apartment.


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