The Central Bank comments on the allegations of “a pre-emptive plan regarding withdrawals”


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The Central Bank of Egypt denied what was circulated on social media sites about putting an end to withdrawing from banks to reduce the presence of customers within them as a proactive step within an alleged package of measures that is claimed to be planned starting from July 2020, and that this information came during a training course on the leadership Great for the central bank.

The Central Bank of Egypt denied the circulating information, and stressed that it is “far from correct and that there is no training course to which the unknown source is attributed, and that the information mentioned was not received at all by any of the central bank officials.”

The Central Bank called on citizens not to be drawn into any anonymous information related to the banking sector and refer to its official sources to verify its authenticity, stressing that it is committed to transparency in all decisions and announces it immediately on its website, and through media data distributed to all media.

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