The Dahir of Pyramids is waiving its dues to move to Al-Ahly ranks


Ragab Bakkar, the right back of the Pyramids club, offered to manage his club to waive a portion of his remaining financial dues to facilitate his transfer to the ranks of Al-Ahly club starting from the next football season.

Al-Ahly officials reached an agreement with Rajab Bakkar To join the ranks of the Red Castle next summer, when Ayman Pyramids’ right back signed his contracts to join Al-Ahmar, and the deal is expected to be formally resolved after Al-Ahly officials end their negotiations with their Pyramids counterparts.

He remains in Rajab Bakkar’s contract with the Pyramids Club for two seasons, and Al-Ahly club officials seek to support the team, particularly the right front, especially after Ahmed Fathi announced the departure at the end of the season, against the background of his dispute with the Planning Committee over the terms of renewing his contract that ends with the Red Castle at the end of the current season.

Ragab Bakkar informed the Pyramids club of his desire to play for Al-Ahly club starting from the new season to support the Red Team’s defense, after entering into intense negotiations with him, and an informed source in Pyramids Club confirmed that Ragab Bakkar received two offers from Al-Ahly and Zamalek, but the player informed the club’s management of his desire to Playing for the Red Team, he apologized for entering into negotiations with Zamalek after nominating a player’s agent to join Al-Abyad.

Rajab Bakkar is at the top of the candidates to move to Al-Ahly in the summer to support the Yemeni front, and after him comes Karim al-Iraqi, the defender of Al-Masry Club, where Al-Ahly prefers until now that the Yemeni front be supported by an Egyptian player and not a foreign player. Baher Al-Muhammadi, Ismaili player.

Ahmed Fathi Al-Sattar closed his trip with Al-Ahly, after he informed the club’s administration of not agreeing to renew the contract, and contented himself with what he had provided during the past years, after the deadline he had requested from the Planning Committee.

Al-Ahly Planning Committee offered Ahmed Fathi the renewal in return for reaching 11 million pounds in one season, provided that it be renewed for two seasons, which the player refused and preferred to leave for the Pyramids club, which agreed with the player on 15 million pounds in the season for a period of 3 years.

Fathi is considered one of the most prominent players of Al-Ahly since moving to his ranks in 2007 from Sheffield United, and contributed to the team winning 17 championships, including 9 titles for the Egyptian League and 3 for the African Champions League..


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