The date of the end series presentation of the first episode of the star Youssef El Sharif, via ON TV channel, return dates and other carrier channels


It is worth mentioning that many viewers in various parts of the Arab world are waiting for the timing of the presentation of the first series, the final series, the famous series of the Egyptian drama star Youssef El Sharif, and always the viewers are waiting for the TV series of this star in the Ramadan marathon, as his drama in the blessed month is characterized by mystery and excitement, So, we will present to you the date of the series and the channels that carry it, because this drama is the best series of Ramadan 2020.

The date of the final series presentation, the first episode

And again, the artist Youssef Al-Sharif returned to the Ramadan marathon of the Ramadan competition with the stars of the Egyptian and Gulf dramas, and returned with a very strong drama, eagerly awaited for the viewers, to understand the mystery of the name of his drama “The End”, so what is meant by the end, and his return came after he missed 3 years ago Egyptian drama in the Ramadan season, and it is reported that the first episode of the end series will come today at ten oclock in the evening at the premiere on On TV.

Channels of the series Youssef El-Sharif “The End”

Among the most prominent channels that carry this drama, ON TV, and also this series will be replayed on the ON drama channel, and it is mentioned that the story of the series revolves around the life story of an engineer who tries all cases to stop the impact of technology on the life of the skin, but is exposed to danger, because it appears A robot has a copy of it, and this is an exciting story for many viewers who want to learn about all his attempts with it.

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