The death of the father of the artist Ali Rabie


The artist announced Ali Rabee, On the death of his father through his official account on “Instagram” and wrote Ali Rabee : “The good man died … the light one on his soul … I invite him to stay to God, my father.”While Hamdi Al-Marghani said: “There is no god but God … the brother of my brother Ali Rabei passed away. I pray for him with mercy and forgiveness, and our Lord dwells in his spacious gardens and all his family endures your prayers.”

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It is noteworthy that the artist Ali Rabie participated in the stay home challenge by playing with tissue paper by a number of celebrities around the world to urge the public to stay in their homes to reduce the number of infections with the Corona virus.

On the spring, he published a challenge video on his Instagram photo page, and showed great skill in playing and pranking the handkerchief.


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