The decision of the Jabalayya ends the relationship of 4 foreigners with Zamalek … The numbers topple the Congolese Kasongo … the wolves approve Marouf Youssef to leave


All hopes of retaining Zamalek’s professionals in the new season have faded, especially the quadruple white team, Kasongo Kabongo, Abdel Razek Cisse loaned to the Alexandrian Federation and Maarouf Youssef loaned to the ranks of Arab contractors in addition to Moroccan Hamid Haddad.

The Football Association adheres to the application of the list of players ’affairs in the next season, which was sent to the clubs before the start of the current season, specifically with regard to foreign players in the Premier League, and the regulation included not allowing the registration of a maximum of 4 foreign players for each of the clubs in the first division, similar to last season, Note that the number of foreign players will be reduced starting from the new 2020-2021 season.

There is also a state of mystery about the fate of North African players in the Egyptian league in the next season, especially that the Football Association announced early this season that every club has the right to sign one player from North Africa, a Syrian or a Palestinian, to be considered as a local player for one season only It is the current season.

Super Koura Monitors the Fate of the Four


Kasongo is the least useful player in Zamalek, considering that he is returning in the middle of the season after not completing his loan with the Moroccan Wydad team, and Kasongo participated with Zamalek this season in only 4 games since his return last January and did not score goals.


The recent period has witnessed Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek, assertions that Cisse has an external offer from a marketing company that amounted to 3 million euros, so Cisse will return upon his return from Côte d’Ivoire to his position with the Zamalek administration to complete the loan period with the leader of the gap that ends at the end of the current season .


The Moroccan Raja Club entered into negotiations with its Zamalek counterpart in order to reduce the value of the Hamid Haddad player for the white team and loaned to the Oval team early this season..

Moroccan reports revealed that the Raja administration wants to buy blacksmiths, as it has become one of the main pillars of the team, along with coach Jamal Salamy being heavily dependent on him.

Maarouf Youssef:

The Arab contractors borrowed a well-known Nigerian, last summer, for a year, and the club’s administration is seeking to renew the loan, as the player of the Arab Contractors has expressed his agreement to extend his loan with the mountain wolves, in the event that Zamalek does not want him back in the next season, confirming his happiness to play under the leadership of Imad Al-Nahhas Technical manager for Arab contractors.

The player agrees to continue his presence with the contractors, as he returns to shine with the wolves of the mountain, but he is waiting for the position of Zamalek from his annexation, next season, and in the event that White is not needed


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