The defendants accused of refusing to bury the body of the Dakahlia doctor: We heard a call from a loudspeaker calling us to gather


The Public Prosecutor listened to the statements of the ambulance driver who transported the body of the deceased doctor in Dakahlia Governorate after she was injured in Corona, confirming that he had taken the necessary precautions to sterilize the car as a commission from the hospital in which the deceased was before transporting it, and added with his knowledge to invite some during the performance of the Fajr prayer to gather in order to prevent the burial of the body of the deceased in the village, The Public Prosecution also asked the employee in charge of sterilizing the cemeteries of the village of Shubra El-Bahou, and he witnessed the same content, confirming that he had taken sterilization procedures for the village cemeteries after burying the body, its surroundings and the road leading to it. This is the same content as previous certificates.

By interrogating the public prosecutor, the defendants denied the accusations that were attributed to them, and a number of them decided to hear them calling through a loudspeaker on the morning of the incident, broadcasting the arrival of a dead “Corona” virus to the village, calling on the people to gather to prevent being buried in it, while one of the defendants got acquainted with a number of fleeing people in the video clips. The monitored when confronted with it, and another decided to watch him, three of the arrested suspects objected to saying the ambulance and its companions to prevent the burial of the deceased.

The Public Prosecution monitored and watched a number of video clips circulated on the social media of the incident. It was clear from them that some of the crowd surrounded the ambulance – their faces and voices appeared clearly – in order to prevent their progress, and their driver instructed them to leave for fear of the virus that the deceased was infected with, and hit them on the car to terrorize its independents, Police later gathered the crowd as a gas to disperse them after they objected to them and chanted against it, and one of them threw stones at them, so the crowd broke up amid attempts to escape the participants and the police threw stones at them, while the police arrested some of them. This is what has resulted in investigations to date, and is being completed, and the Public Prosecution will announce what will be found in subsequent statements.

The security forces in Dakahlia arrested 23 residents of the village of Shubra El-Bahou after they gathered and objected to the burial of the doctor’s body. The Public Prosecution will announce the details of the incident in a later statement when the investigations are completed.


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