The denial of the beautiful … Another tragedy for the doctor who prevented her burial


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

The chapters of the tragic incident that an Egyptian village witnessed yesterday did not end, and it sparked widespread popular discontent, when the people of the village refused Shubra lobby Affiliated to the city of Aga in the governorate of Dakahlia, northern Egypt, the body of a doctor from the village who died from Corona virus was buried under the pretext of transmitting the infection to them, as it was revealed by another story more painful to the family of the late doctor.

In the details, Major General Mohamed Hussein El-Khashab, member of the Egyptian House of Representatives, on behalf of the Aja Circle, which is affiliated with the late village of He is Dr. Muhammad Hindawi, a well-known doctor in the city of Mansoura, and the late wife, and 5 children. They are Doctor Ahmed Hindawi, and 4 daughters are all doctors.

He added that the family hails from the village of Shubra Al-Baho, the birthplace of the husband’s family, while the wife from a neighboring village, which is the worker’s dead, blew a sad surprise, namely that the family, headed by the husband and the late wife, provided many charitable actions to the villagers and donated material and material assistance to the people.

A member of the Egyptian House of Representatives said that the economic conditions of the residents of the village are simple and limited, and Hindawi and his wife were the residents ’shelter when they went through any financial hardship, explaining that the doctor and her husband had built a mosque in the village, and contributed to the marriage expenses of many girls in the village, as they were providing financial assistance For anyone who wants to build his house, furnishes the matrimonial nest for his children, or wants treatment, and who needs a loan to establish a project for him, and all this aid was donations and grants not received from the doctor and his late wife.

He stressed that the family was surprised by the violent reaction that the people practiced when the doctor was buried and they did not expect him, and they were shocked, and still, offering his apology on behalf of everyone to this family who spent their money in the aspects of goodness, and received such behavior and denial.

The member of the Egyptian Parliament expressed his satisfaction with the decision of Dr. Ayman Imam, the governor of Dakahlia to name the late doctor at the primary school in the village in honor and commemoration of her, stressing that he was rehabilitated in return for this unfortunate situation to which the family was subjected.

For their part, eyewitnesses from the villagers revealed to that the late doctor was suffering from chronic diseases, which are diabetes, pressure and diabetic foot, and had gangrene, and was on the way to urgent surgery, before it was discovered that she was infected with the Corona virus, and transferred to the Isolation Hospital in Ismailia Until she died there.

They added that the body arrived at the village at exactly six oclock on Saturday morning, and the family was surprised by huge crowds of youth and the people of the village standing at the entrance, and prevented the entry of the ambulance carrying the body, which forced the family to change its course and try to enter from the village’s western road, but it I was surprised by other crowds waiting for them, noting that many skirmishes occurred from the people, after which they smashed the windows of the ambulance.

The witnesses revealed that the negotiations between the family of the late doctor and the families, and an attempt to persuade them to allow the body to enter, continued for 5 hours, until the Central Security Forces arrived and broke up those gatherings, and enabled preventive medicine and family members to bury the body in accordance with the established preventive measures.

The families confirmed that the late doctor was buried in a cemetery of her own, which she bought with her money, with the participation of some of her relatives, and insisted before her death that she be buried in that village, her husband’s birthplace, for her love for her and her family, and therefore bought a cemetery in the village of Shubra El-Bahou, adding that what happened by some He was a mob, and it showed a lack of awareness and denial of the beautiful, and a lack of respect for humanity.

The village had become a street talk for burial in the village graves.

The security forces managed to disperse the demonstration and the crowds, and fired tear gas, and arrested 24 rioters, while the doctor’s body was buried amid precautionary and preventive measures.

For his part, Dr. Ayman Mokhtar, the governor of Dakahlia, announced the change of the name of “Shubra El-Bahou Primary School”, in the name of Dr. Sonia Abdel-Azim Primary School, to perpetuate the name of the late doctor for life, adding that a banner would be made on the school, and change all the relevant papers in the village to honor the doctor.

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