The drug industry warns against hydroxy chloroquine: it causes the retina to weaken


The spread of the Corona virus around the world and in Egypt and the inability to announce a specific drug for it has yet caused citizens to buy any drug that is announced for use within the drugs that treat the Corona virus in hospitals, as some countries announced the use of some temporary medicines that responded to them Some cases with corona, including hydroxychloroquine, used to treat malaria and rheumatoid patients

And I learned the seventh day from informed sources that there are calls from citizens to buy this type as a stock they have in the event of an injury without referring to medical consultations, which causes them health disasters that may reach weakness in the vision gradually, which led to the direction of the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture this drug in Egypt to develop Provided that it is sold to rheumatoid patients on the doctor’s prescription, and that each pharmacy give a copy of the patient’s prescription to the company to ensure that it is prohibited to purchase it except for patients only.

Dr. Osama Rustam, Vice President of the Chamber of Medicine Industry in the Federation of Industries, warned of the citizens’ use of this drug that treats rheumatoid patients and malaria, as its use gradually weakens the retina and afflicts the patient with poor vision and the inability to see well, in addition to that the use of this drug must be done analyzes For the patient especially the elderly who have chronic diseases, as this drug interacts with other diseases drugs for the elderly and causes a health catastrophe according to the drug interactions on their body.

Rustam added in special statements for the seventh day, that the use of hydroxychloroquine in Egypt is often for rheumatoid patients due to the non-proliferation of malaria, and usually pre-medical procedures are taken before using it for each individual patient, and he indicated that the treatment of the Corona virus is carried out according to a group of drugs that It is commensurate with the age and health of each patient, according to what the doctor sees, and this is reflected in the high rates of great recovery in Egypt.

Dr. Ali Auf, head of the drugs division of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, commented that the rush behind the use of drugs that are not supposed by the doctor because of the fear of corona will cause other health diseases affecting the patient’s life, stressing the weakness of the eye network due to its use and the most crisis is the interaction of the drug with other drugs that cause Diseases for its users that may directly affect the elderly.

Auf added that prevention, staying at home and using water and soap is the best in the current Corona crisis, to prevent its spread and the citizens left the matter in the hands of doctors and the Ministry of Health, which carries out the crisis with all care and attention.

He continued: There are 12 companies in Egypt that produce the lowest hydroxychloroquine medicine in stock if it is used by doctors and it has been proven effective for Coronavirus.

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