The Egyptian President requests to besiege the Corona Corps in Cairo


Source: Cairo – France Press

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi called on his government on Sunday to expand the circle of conducting new corona virus tests among staff and patients at the National Cancer Institute, in addition to those who are in contact with them on the back of infections.

A statement released by Presidential Spokesman Bassam Radhi said that Al-Sisi “directed quickly the conduct of the medical examination of all employees of the Oncology Institute, including doctors and nursing staff, and all patients who visited the institute during the past two weeks.”

The statement added: “Likewise, restricting all contacts of any positive cases to medical examination, while providing full care for all affected cases, including immediate medical procedures for isolation and treatment.”

And Saturday, Cairo University announced in a statement that 17 people from the Institute of Oncology had been infected with the emerging coronavirus, distributed among a doctor and a nurse, who had been isolated. The institute has more than a thousand people.

Recorded Egypt According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Health, 1070 cases of coronavirus, including 71 deaths and 241 declared recovering cases.

Last week, Egypt imposed a two-week night curfew, in an attempt to contain the epidemic.

Fines for violators amount to four thousand Egyptian pounds (about $ 250), and the penalty may reach prison. Flights were suspended until 15 April.

In the context of tightening the measures taken by the Egyptian government to contain the repercussions of Covid-19 disease, caused by the Corona virus, Egyptian Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouly held a meeting on Sunday with the ministers of local and internal development, during which he affirmed that “there is a presidential directive to deal very decisively with indiscriminate construction,” according to For a statement issued by the Council of Ministers.

The statement pointed out, “Especially to those who take advantage of the conditions of the state dealing with the implications of the emerging Corona virus in the random construction.”

He stressed that “any violation will be transferred to the Military Prosecution with the intensification of campaigns from localities and traffic, and the immediate removal of any violation.”

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