The fact that 150 of the ruling family in Saudi Arabia was infected with the Corona virus


Western and Qatari media have reported allegations of injury to a number of princes of the royal family in Saudi Arabia With corona virus The newbie.
The Saudi Prince Abdul Rahman bin Mosaed bin responded Abdulaziz Al-SaudToday, Thursday, on allegations circulated by Western and Qatari media, about 150 Emirs of the Saudi royal family were infected with the emerging corona virus.

Prince Bin Mosaed said in a tweet via tweeting, today, in response to a tweet for the Qatari channel, Al-Jazeera: “The number of people who have corona in Saudi Arabia until now is close to 3000 … Let’s assume that this news is true and that among the 3,000 injured 150 of the Saud family. Al Saud is a Saudi family, just like any family whose members are ill … “.

The Saudi prince added: “God has healed the wounded in my country and everywhere … Corona may find a cure for him … your stupidity and your hatred is not for him.”

The newspaper “New York Times” America published a report, in which it claimed, quoting a source, which it said was close to the family, that about 150 prince of the ruling family in the Kingdom are infected with Corona virus.

Prince Fahd bin Musab Al Saud published a picture showing the Prince of Riyadh, Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, at his home, in good health, in response to allegations published by the American newspaper about his infection with the emerging corona virus.

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