The fact that the 18th episode of the founder Osman series on Turkish atv 2020 was postponed


Everyone is looking forward to the silence of episode 18 of the Osman Resurrection series, but there is a state of great sadness within them because of the news announced by the company producing the resurrection of Osman, which is that the series is postponed after the presentation of episode 18 due to the instability and outbreak of the Corona virus emerging and the workers ’team is afraid that they will be infected Virus due to mixing during filming of the rest of the events of the series, and the filming process has already been canceled until the situation returned to its glory again. The series of the Resurrection of Othman was shown and transmitted energy of hope in the hearts of millions and the viewer increased the state of excitement and eagerness to know the historical events that the Ottoman state passed through During the period of Osman bin Artgrel, the series achieved a view of millions in a very small period of time because what the work team had done exceeded the limits of stopping.

The fact that the 18th episode of the founder Osman series on Turkish atv 2020 was postponed

The Resurrection of Uthman The series, which is issued within the first searches and evaluated by audiences from all over the world, that the Resurrection of Uthman is the best historical Turkish series presented during this period of the year. The resurrection of Uthman takes place between a conflict with the Mongols, the Crusaders and the Persians and between the leader of the Ottoman Empire, Ghazi Uthman, but Uthman always achieves victory Because he reveals the intrigues that are always arranged for him because he has many qualities, which are powers, courage and skill of knights, and for this reason his father chose him without the rest of his sisters in the previous episodes Osman revealed many facts about people who betrayed the era of the Ottoman Empire and allied with enemies from the Mongols One of them was his uncle Dindar, but Othman explained to him the whole truth in order to stand with each other against each enemy.

Resurrection Osman episode 18 on Turkish atv channel

The series “The Resurrection of Othman” is presented in the form of a week, and only one episode will be shown on Wednesday at the Turkish atv channel at eight oclock in the evening Cairo time and nine oclock in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia time and the ninth in Turkey time. All the episodes of the series translated in Arabic can be followed on the Al-Nour website and the story of love after Hourly offer.

The frequency of the Turkish atv channel 2020, the carrier, the resurrection of Osman, episode 18

The satelliteOrbitFrequencyPolarCorrection coefficientthe qualityEncryption
Nile Sat——10796275005/6SDOpen
Turksat42.0 ° E11628 -H27500 5/6SDOpen
Astra19.2 ° E12692 -H275005/6SDOpen
Astra19.2 ° E11243 H275005/6SDOpen

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