The “Films from the Heart of the Ban” festival documents the diaries of citizens


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“Revert festival,” or “banning films festival,” as it was known. For feature films, but it is “online”, it receives dozens of films, in which everyone will document their vision, diaries, and ban stories in a short film that does not exceed 3 minutes, and without any compensation or material fees. “It is time to make movies inside the home … Sanitary Drama drama dominates all aspects of our lives, use your own dramas, turn your screen 90 degrees, and manage your feelings and impressions, and who is with you at home”, was the formula announced by David Rizk, 22 The founder of the festival, who did not expect the idea to enjoy all this hospitality and demand from young people. David told Al-Masry Al-Youm: Reef-Art is the first vertical film festival in Egypt. We were supposed to have arranged it for almost a year. We were supposed to work in galleries and a jury and attend any kind of festival, but the global epidemic had another opinion.

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