The first comment from “Arab Contractors” on President Sisi’s comments regarding the company’s workers ’wearing of silos


Engineer Mohsen Salah, Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, announced that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s visit to one of the work sites today and instructions that the employees should wear the medical protective face (gags) for their safety will be applied immediately and decisively to all the company’s projects with the continuation of the rest of the precautionary measures that they take The company, including measuring temperatures for workers, monitoring their health status, regular site cleansing of work sites, as well as transportation, workers’ breaks, and company headquarters for the non-proliferation of the new Corona virus (Covid 19).

The head of the Arab Contractors Company stressed that the company will apply the instructions of the necessity of wearing a face shield in full force and decisiveness and no individual will be allowed to enter the work sites of various projects without wearing a face shield as it will apply the list of sanctions against those responsible for safety measures within this project and also Everyone who allows workers to enter sites without using masks.

Mohsen Salah added that he conveyed to all officials of the company the importance of firm and serious application in implementing these procedures and not tolerating them at all in wearing the safety tasks for workers, including masks and all the procedures necessary for worker safety that come at the top of the priorities of the political leadership and are implemented by the government and state institutions.

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