The first comment of Husam Ashour on his position on retirement in Al-Ahly and the presentation of Zamalek (video)


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Hosam Ashour, Al-Ahly club leader, talked for the first time about his negotiations with Al-Ahly club and the offer made to him and his position to retire or continue in the stadiums, as well as what was raised about the progress of Al-Zamalek club with an offer to join him.

Hossam Ashour said, in an intervention with the program “Audience of the Third” on the channel “On Time”: “There are many needs for the transition of the period that has been missed by my tongue or by the words of a second person, oh group, I don’t speak at any time, pure, many people were talking about the period that passed Hossam Ashour, salvation. He will retire. Hossam Ashour will play a ball. I am still up to now, like you, because of the defect of the whole world, not the Egyptian League, but we are not at home. The world is not in it. Speak on my tongue sincerely when I want to say a need or think about a need or intend if I do a need or a Take a decision. I am horrified. I say, the decision group is for me, one, two, three, because I ask permission from people who are not saying any words on my tongue. Praise be to God that one is mature and knowledgeable, I am thinking about how I know what I want, so what I wanted to say ».

Hossam Ashour explained that he does not have any accounts on social media sites except an account on the “Instagram” site, adding: “I do not speak to anyone and have nothing to do with my limit and my 16 years of age are centered in my work and I do not have any invitation with any sincere person. What I used to work in, which was successful for the period that I played. »

On what was raised about his signature of Zamalek, Hossam Ashour replied, saying: “I heard all of this and there are many people who have spoken to me, but I am still up to now, thinking about anything, thinking if I will retire or if I am playing a second ball, despite the difficult circumstances in which we are I am not thinking about any sincere need, I am not taking my time and the circumstances in which we are not clear enough to think, I take very good time and I will think about the two issues very well, the topic of the club presented to me and the topic that there are many people who speak to me and want to go with me » .

He pointed out that the player has many offers, whether inside or outside Egypt, explaining: «I am still not taking my time because we are still not knowing the world is going to wind, I’m taking my time very well and one day I make the decision to come up and say I am my decision one two three. I have great companions, I consult them, but the decision remains for me, who I see more than I see, but there are people who help me a lot, people for personal purposes and people who help Hossam Ashour because you love him, and of course able to differentiate between the two because of the ball’s defect, not stupid and knowing who helps him and who does it On him, the flawless ball boy. ”

In his intervention, the player continued, touching on the details of his meeting with the President of the Red Castle, Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, saying: “I sat down with Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib and conveyed the same words that were said by the Planning Committee and we did not speak again because of the circumstances in which we have come and we try to speak again and I am quiet in my decision and dealings, and why I will take the decision. I will say it, God willing.

And the player returned to respond, laughing about whether he had received an offer from Zamalek: “Our Lord facilitates, I did not increase, and I have lived my entire life, I have not increased, and my age does not speak in points where all people speak sincerely, but I do not have many people in it who speak to me and God It inspires me with the right decision, which is appropriate for me and for the circumstances in which I am planning the period that has passed all of it. I explained it to the people and explained it to the competent people. I mean in Al Ahly club I have one, two, three conditions. ”

In response to whether he still feels that he can continue playing, Al-Ahly leader said: “I do not want to be afraid of many subjects, but I am one. I have 34 years. Thank God, I’m not working in sincere operations. Praise be to God, God is great, I am capable, I am at the beginning of the year I missed I was playing with a basic game, it is not reasonable that the year after which it is nullified, and it is not the meaning of this speech if I decided that I am playing a ball or if I nullify, but I am a difference between this point and this point, I am the year that I missed. ? I mean, I am capable if I play two years three violin, but I will think and take my time too much in thinking, and the circumstances in which we are in are what put us in this situation if I take my time too long in thinking ».

The player concluded his talk about football, sending a message to Al-Ahly fans, saying: “The fans of Al-Ahly club are a great audience and Husam Ashour’s side stood very, knowing that his age is not short with the Al-Ahly club in need and his age is not short on the stadium and his age is not short with the Al-Ahly entity Along I was on a white streak along, ”explaining that he had never asked for any additional amounts from the club about what was presented to him for 16 years, he added,“ this talk will come up in its time, I don’t want to go into issues, Need, I am telling the fans of Al Ahly, you are a great audience and a great audience of course, and I was sincerely in the place where I am flabby R anywhere I Hroha whether to retire or whether Hlab football in any second-Hatta, Hkhals place Hbaky who is in it ».

Hossam Ashour advised the Egyptians, before finishing his intervention, to commit to staying at home in light of the spread of the Corona virus in the world, saying: “Our Lord is keeping away from the epidemic and the scourge that we have in it. D, I, as a football player or one who was every day on the street, I am not happy with the bases at home, I mean, stay at home and protect yourself, not because you risk your children, and because you risk your children, and because you risk your loved ones all, and because you risk your people and doctors who help you All the people who love you. ”

He concluded with a message to the doctors: “Our Lord honors them and rewards them with good, and we are with you in every need.”


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