The first episode of the series “The Choice” .. Arrest of Ashmawi and “The First Rafah Massacre”


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The events of the selection series that embodies the story starring the martyr Ahmed Al Mansi, the commander of the 103rd Battalion Battalion, who is playing the artist Amir Karara, started with the moment the terrorist Hesham Ashmawi, who plays the artist Ahmed Al Awadi’s tournament, arrived.

Some scenes taken from the reality appeared, for the moment when he arrived at Cairo Airport by the Egyptian Special Forces, coming from Libya, and the star Mohamed Ragab appeared as a guest of honor, in the role of one of the officers involved in the arrest of the terrorist.

The episode witnessed a scene between Al-Mansi and the special forces officer, “Mohammed Rajab”, in front of a hospital in the armed forces. He reassures his father, the retired Major General, and then Ashmawi appears to come to the hospital to complete the medical examination procedures, to submit an application for early pension.

A dialogue is taking place between Al-Mansi and Ashmawi about the reasons for his desire to end his military life, to offer Ashmawi to Al-Mansi to leave the service and say to him: “And whoever fights, I do not know what to do again.”

The events are transmitted to the backs of Emad Al-Din Al-Sayyid Ahmad Abdel Hamid and Sheikh Hatem, former officers of the Egyptian thunderbolt, but they joined the extremist groups, to later become aides to the terrorist Ashmawi, and between them revolves around carrying out some terrorist operations and their desire to confirm the rule of the Brotherhood in Egypt to help in Fighting the enemies of Islam, as described.

The events moved to Mashhad from within the 103rd Battalion, Ashmawi shows his desire to punish one of the soldiers and prevent him from taking leave, due to singing, and the Mansi intervenes and asks him to be soft-hearted and reminds him of God’s words: “If I were rude in the thick of heart, they would shake off those around you” and reject Ashmawi and insist on taunting him .

The families of the martyr Mansi and the terrorist Ashmawi appeared at the time of breaking the fast in Ramadan, and a similar dialogue takes place between all his families about cutting off electricity for long periods, and the Ashmawi family, headed by his wife, who plays the role of the artist Dina Fouad, is defending it as an attack on the state to distort the image of what she called Islamic rule .

The episode ends with a human scene of the moment of treachery with individuals of the Rafah ambush, known as the “Rafah massacre first”, and the soldiers appear at the time of eating the breakfast prepared for them by their Christian friend, and the artist Karim Mahmoud Eid Al-Aziz plays the role of one of the battalion soldiers and is the last one who survives among his colleagues .

It is noteworthy that the series “The Choice” starring Amir Karara, Ahmed Al-Awadi and Dina Fouad, it is written by Bahir Dowidar and directed by Peter Mimi and produced by Synergy Company and it is considered one of the highly anticipated works in Ramadan drama this year.

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