The first response from Mayssa Maghribi about news of her involvement in a drug case in Dubai


The Moroccan actress Mayssa Maghribi broke her silence and responded to the tweets of the Kuwaiti media talal Hamrani, in which he hinted of her involvement in the issue of possession and drug use inside an apartment in “Downtown” in Dubai.Magrabi said in a statement to Iram: “Everything that was reported is not true, and I took legal measures, and filed a report with the Dubai Police against the identifier that threw me and against anyone, and all the sites that mentioned my name in this case.”

Maghribi added: “May God count us and bless the agent in those who repeat these words, but it is not enough for us, corona. God Almighty should make us lose the earth from the abundance of envy and hatred, and if some people find anything bad in the artistic path of anyone, these lies are invented.” .

“While millions and billions are spent for people’s health and mercy from danger, some people are bewildering at others symptoms and spreading these rumors, “Maghribi added.

Maghribi continued: “I am not sad except for my family and whose name I bear. I am above the level of suspicions. Praise be to God, 18 years in the artistic community. No problem or mazes related to me were issued, and if the subject matter concerning the boy is true, God is covering him, and there are correctional institutions that can be used , First and foremost those teens who made the mistake. ”

She emphasized: “I am the opponent of everyone who repeated my name for the Day of Resurrection, and what happened belongs to cybercrime. I received many calls as soon as my name was published in this case.”

She concluded: “The funny thing is that all the comments that mentioned my name are from electronic committees, there is someone who funded this campaign against me to defame me without a doubt, this is intended and a shame for the journalist who delves into the symptoms of people.”

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