The Football Association refers Al-Ahly and Abdullah Al-Saeed to the South Cairo Court


The Five-A-Committee of the Football Association decided to send the response of the FIFA, to Al-Ahly club, regarding his complaint against Abdullah Al-Saeed, player of Pyramids, to a translation center in the South Cairo Court, with the aim of accurately translating the FIFA speech and closing the door to any controversy that may happen days. Coming about this crisis.

A source in the Football Association revealed to “Super Koura” that despite the confirmation of FIFA’s decision to reject Al-Ahly’s complaint in the case, the Five-Year Committee decided to refer the letter to an accredited center in the South Cairo Court in order to translate it accurately, and notify Al-Ahly of the result of the translation and the inability of the Football Association in the eyes of The case, and he only had asylum before the International Sports Court.

Al-Ahly submitted a complaint to the Egyptian Football Association to claim the club’s right with Abdullah Al-Saeed, after the latter canceled his contract with Al-Ahly Jeddah and returned to join an Egyptian club (Pyramids) without Al-Ahly receiving the value of the penalty clause stipulated in the tripartite contract concluded between Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly Jeddah And the player when Al-Saeed moved to the Saudi club two years ago.

Al-Ahly’s complaint came to the Egyptian Football Association after receiving FIFA’s response that it was no longer entrusted with resolving the dispute regarding the club’s dues, because the player is currently within the ranks of an Egyptian club, and therefore the matter became an internal matter and the one responsible for it is the Egyptian Football Association.

FIFA’s response to the club also included that it explored the position of Al-Ahly Jeddah in the crisis, which stated that the player was the one who broke his contract and joined the Egyptian Pyramids club, so the club administration made the aforementioned complaint to the Football Association to preserve the rights of Al-Ahly, especially that the administration resorted to since The beginning of the Football Association regarding the same crisis, and his response came quickly that he is not responsible for settling this dispute because there is an external party and he is the family of his Saudi grandfather..


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