The French Medicines Agency warns of the dangerous effects of using chloroquine to treat corona


Adverse reactions increased, with serious side effects related to the treatment being tested against the emerging SK virus. Covid-19“In recent weeks, it has reached more than 300 cases,” according to the French Medicines Agency (ANSM), Which specifically emphasizes the “alert signal” in relation to hydroxychloroquine.

According to Agence France-Presse, “As of April 22, 2020, 321 cases of adverse reactions have been reported in relation to an infection Covid-19 , 80 % Of it was dangerous. “

In two-thirds of cases (215 people), the pharmacological alertness survey was able to conclude that there is a potential link between the observed effect and the medications given to the patient with Covid-19.

Of these, more than half of the patients with coronaviruses were treated with hydroxychloroquine (23%) or with this drug with the antibiotic azithromycin (31%).

The agency indicated that the number of deaths observed in this context is still four, all of which are related to hydroxychloroquine and occur in hospitals.

This drug, which is derived from anti-malarial chloroquine, is known to cause electrical abnormalities in the work of the heart in some patients, and it is visible on the EKG, which can lead to disturbances of the heartbeat or even death.

The director general of the French organization Dominique Martin explained, “It seems that patients with heart fever are more fragile in the heart and blood vessels, and therefore more likely than ordinary people to have problems with drugs harmful to the heart” such as hydroxychloroquine.

And that the side effects associated with chloroquine are mainly damage to the liver, but also to the digestive system, heart and kidneys.

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