The government launches the Ahalena website link to support irregular employment


The Council of Ministers has devoted a website to the “Ahalena” initiative to support irregular employment, through which it is possible to inquire about the extent of the eligibility of workers who have registered during the past two weeks to disburse the 500-pound grant.

What is our people initiative?

The site also allows everyone (companies – individuals) to donate through the website, where the donor will determine the value he wishes to provide to contribute to alleviating the affected families, by clicking on the “Donate Now” button, to move To another window to collect the personal data of the donor, and to choose between paying the amount of the donation in the account number 2030 in Banque Misr, or by sending a short text message on the number 2030 from any mobile network, taking into account that this account is affiliated with the General Takaful Corporation, affiliated with the Ministry Social solidarity, as these donations will be allocated only to non-employment To regularly affected by the crisis, “Kovid -19”, after confirming her maturity.This comes in accordance with the “Ahalena” initiative launched by the Egyptian government through a community partnership under the slogan “Ed with aid helps”, to support the irregular employment affected by the economic damage imposed by the crisis of the “Corona emerging” virus (Covid-19) on the Egyptian economy, to enhance the level of Social protection for our families, individuals and families, by involving the private sector and individuals in solidarity and solidarity in times of crisis, while setting strict standards and meticulously revised databases for the categories eligible for disbursement.

How to support our people initiative and how to donate

  • Register through the website (
  • Enter the mail and password and click on the Donate Now icon.
  • Determine the amount he wishes to donate
  • Navigating to the personal data window of the donor.
  • How to pay by donating to the 2030 account in Banque Misr.
  • Or send a text message to the number 2030 from any mobile network.

It is also possible to donate directly to the account number 2030 in all Banque Misr branches.

The Ministry of Manpower began yesterday, to exchange the first grant amounting to 500 pounds, for irregular employment registered on the site during the past two weeks, through 5700 outlets for post offices and branches of the Agricultural Development and Credit Bank, within 3 grants that will be disbursed during the current 3 months, by an amount of 500 pounds Monthly, i.e. a total of 1,500 pounds for each eligible worker.

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