The head of censorship for “Masrawy”: “Ramez” Sadie, and we edited a report against


8:00 AM

Wednesday 29 April 2020

I wrote – Yasmine Al-Sharqawi:

Dr. Khaled Abduljalil, Head of the Control of Artistic Works, edited a report against the “Ramez Majnoon Official” program, because of the negative content of the program that affects the recipient.

The oversight chief said in exclusive statements to “Masrawy,” that the supervisory body issued a record against the program that would turn into a case, confirming that the censorship had sent a letter to “MBC” to demand that it stop the program: “We hope that he takes action on it.”

“Abdul Jalil” added, that the Saudi channel does not change anything in the matter: “This is media content broadcasted to the Egyptian public, so it is my right that I edit a report, and it is my right that I protect the spectator by way of any offensive content or any possible content that negatively affects the recipient or his feelings or values.” “.

Regarding his dissatisfaction with the program’s episodes, the head of supervision said that the program is characterized by sadism: “How much sadism deals in the amount of hidden violence in the rings, how much pleasure and enjoyment in the fear of others, the content that comes to the spectator violent content, closer to sadism, and that is offensive and not pleasant.”

He continued: “I know that there is more than one movement in this regard and the truth, one of the most important needs that I respected is the statement that the mental health hospital presented, because it is a very scientific statement, and it reflects all the words that he said and who believes in him, and this is what left the program raises my dissatisfaction at the level Profile. “

And about whether the guests ’approval to view the episodes changed anything in the matter, the Head of Technical Supervision said:“ All respect and appreciation for every artist who came up with the program, but for me as responsible for the oversight, there is content released to the spectator, and who participated in the program, his approval or not will not negatively affect Or positively on the recipient. “

The Mental Health Hospital of the General Secretariat for Mental Health of the Ministry of Health and Population had asked the Attorney General and the Supreme Council for Media Regulation to open an urgent investigation and intervene immediately to stop the presentation of the “Ramez Majnoon Official” program.

The hospital said in a statement: “The program offends the Egyptian community and its mental health. A committee has been formed from the National Council for Mental Health to study stopping this program and this wise decision will be from the protectors of this country and appointed the people and defenders of it as a reference and deterrent to the quality of these programs that negatively affect health Psychological of the citizen and society.

He continued: “The Egyptian society is going through difficult circumstances due to the spread of the” Corona “virus and the state of anxiety, fear and tension that dominates most of the people of the world and in line with government directives to put the health of the Egyptian citizen in the priority, and to provide all available medical services to preserve the health of the citizen, the Secretariat noted the crazy Ramiz program The radio was broadcast on one of the private channels, and we found that the program carries a lot of violence, torture, mockery, disparaging guests, and delights in the pain it causes for others. “

The hospital added: “The name of the program is Ramiz Majnoon, an official that offends mental illness and increases the stigma of mental illness, which the state is trying hard to remove this stigma, indicating the presence of threats to the child’s mental health, as the child tends to learn his behavior by imitation, and the tendency of many providers of the quality of these programs To some practices that are symptoms of psychological disorders, such as boasting about exercising their influence, which is narcissism. “

He stressed that if the guests do not know the nature of the program, they may be exposed to symptoms of anxiety and stress, as well as bouts of fear, panic and post-traumatic stress, but if they know the nature of the program, this is very dangerous as it works; to achieve profit and that is a very dangerous negative message for all members of society It is that the end of “financial gains” justifies the means, and this certainly does not represent the great Egyptian art and artist.


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