The head of the Department of Entomology in Cairo Sciences reveals the reason for the spread of flies and mosquitoes


Dr. Ali Younes, head of the entomology department at the Faculty of Science at Cairo University, confirmed that flies and mosquitoes are spreading when litter and stagnant water foci spread, especially sewage.

On the reason for the proliferation of flies and mosquitoes in the streets and inside some homes during these days, Yunus stressed in special statements to “the seventh day” that flies and mosquitoes decrease their reproduction in cold temperatures, and on the contrary, when temperatures rise, their reproduction increases, which is what happened when Temperatures began to rise in the past few days.

Yunus added that the high temperatures are not the main cause but rather the main cause is the spread of garbage and water spots, therefore the accumulations of water and garbage must be eliminated first until the flies and mosquitoes disappear, pointing out that the flies spread in the garbage area by about 2 kilometers, while mosquitoes spread in the vicinity Its focus is about 5 km.

The head of the entomology department at the Faculty of Science at Cairo University gave advice to citizens that they should not throw garbage in and around their homes and resort to installing a “metal wire or plastic”, to ensure that flies and mosquitoes do not enter the home and use pesticides that are safe for health.

The Ministry of Local Development had received a complaint from a number of people from the villages of Markaz and the city of Saf, Giza Governorate, due to the presence of numbers of flies and mosquitoes on the houses, and accumulations of garbage and waste in a number of villages.

A statement by the Ministry stated that Shaarawi immediately instructed to communicate with Giza Governorate to quickly send a campaign to those villages that are the subject of the complaint and purify them through insect spraying cars to preserve the health and safety of citizens. In villages, especially flies and mosquitoes, and responding to citizens’ complaints.

The Minister of Local Development also called for the speedy completion of the accumulation of waste and garbage found in some streets, especially in the framework of the preventive and precautionary measures being taken by the state to limit the spread of the Corona virus and preserve the safety of citizens.

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