The House of Representatives approves amendments to the “Emergency Law”


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The House of Representatives, headed by Dr. Ali Abdel-Aal, approved, during the public session today, Tuesday, the sum of the articles of a draft law submitted by the government on amending some provisions of the state of emergency issued by Law No. 162 of 1958, and the parliament decided to postpone taking the final opinion on the draft law to a later session.
The Council also approved a number of amendments in the draft law to control the legal and constitutional wording of items 8, 12 and 13 of Article Three of Law No. 162 of 1958.
Item (8) provides for: partial or complete suspension of work for a specified period in ministries and their interests, government agencies, local administration units, public bodies, public sector companies, public business sector companies, other state-owned companies, and the private sector..and in this case A decision may be issued to suspend the validity of the dates of the expiry of the right, procedural deadlines for obligatory grievances, lawsuits and judicial appeals, and other deadlines and deadlines stipulated by laws and organizational decisions, provided that the calculation of appointments resumes from the day following the end of the delay period, and other periods may be added to these For appointments rather than the duration of the disable.
Clause (12) states that: the services provided by the state or any of its agencies or companies, it is permissible to install installments for the use of public money, fees, or for services due in exchange for administrative services in whole or in part and the right to drop them.
Clause (13) also states that: restricting public meetings, processions, demonstrations, celebrations and other forms of gatherings. Private meetings may also be restricted.
The report of the joint committee from the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee and the Office of the Defense and National Security Committee headed by Counselor Bahaa El-Din Abu Shuqa, that the draft law was in line with the provisions of the Constitution and consistent with the measures taken by the Egyptian state to provide security, health and social protection and protection to citizens.
The committee added that the draft law comes to alleviate the repercussions of the emerging crisis of the Corona virus pandemic on citizens, especially the most needy groups, and what the practical reality has resulted from the necessity of interfering with exceptional measures to suppress the epidemic growth with strong and strict measures, especially after the World Health Organization declared that it constitutes a general emergency and that A global pandemic.
And she continued that the amendments contained in the proposed draft law were all for the benefit of the country and citizens and focuses on protecting them from all dangers that they may face in that period, as well as providing all preventive measures to achieve the highest levels of protection, especially health care.
In its report, the committee praised the measures taken by the Egyptian state to confront the new epidemic of the Coronavirus, COVID-19, which had the greatest impact in preventing the virus from being transmitted, and reducing its severity and its effects on citizens, which made those efforts the subject of praise from international, regional and local authorities and organizations concerned in this regard.

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