The largest giant moon in 2020 decorates the sky of Egypt today


The sky of Egypt and the Arab world will witness today, Tuesday, April 7, the third giant moon of four, which is the largest in terms of apparent size and lighting this year 2020, and it also represents the first moon moon during the spring season and will remain a spectator throughout the night.

The full moon will shine with sunset, covering a reddish or orange color as a result of dust and other plankton in the atmosphere around the Earth that scatters white light reflected from the moon and disperses the colors of the blue spectrum and the colors of the red spectrum remain, but after rising and away from the horizon it will appear in silver white Usual and this happens every month.

The Jeddah Astronomical Society said in a report that the description of the giant moon is called the moon, whether it is in the right or full moon when the distance between the center of the moon and the center of the earth is within 362,146 km, and the scientific designation is the perigee moon in the sense of the moon falling at the closest point to the earth.

The full moon will be distinguished tomorrow, Tuesday, compared to the rest of the other full moon this year, that it will coincide exceptionally with its incidence at the rock bottom point at 6:08 pm GMT and it will be at a distance of 356,906 km, followed by 8 hours and 27 minutes later Completion is half of its orbit around the Earth during the month of Shaban.

It is worth noting that this timing of the lunar month is considered the best for detecting radioactive craters on the surface of the moon compared to the rest of the terrain that appears flat and its shades are very short because the face of the moon is completely located in the sunlight.


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