The Minister of Education publishes a dialogue between two “first secondary” students to cheat on the exam (details)


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Dr. Tariq Shawqi, Minister of Education and Technical Education, expressed his amazement that some students of the first and secondary grades had a dialogue about how to cheat in the exam held at home.

Shawky published, through his official page on the social networking site «Facebook», a picture of a dialogue between two students in the first secondary class that starts the electronic exams for the second semester of the academic year 2019/2020, Wednesday.

The minister said: “Some students are discussing how to cheat the exam tomorrow (held at home and in Ramadan).”

He continued: «It is important to say that holding the exam at home and without supervision assumes that the student is keen to learn and take advantage of all opportunities to sharpen his skills and real training in the quality of new questions before reaching the twelfth grade.

He added: «Whoever chooses to write his name on answers that are not his answers and that he is satisfied with success is not his right and to miss learning opportunities and the opportunity to know his true level, this is his decision, and he is the first and biggest loser at the same time.

He added, “We offer the most we can in these circumstances to help those who are serious in the learning journey, but some should think about why we waste learning opportunities and resort to helping others, and why do some people rejoice in what they did not deserve and achieve with science, work and honest competition?”

Dialogue between two “first secondary” students to cheat on the exam

The Minister of Education had announced the final guidelines before the start of the first and second grades exams, the role of May 2020, which is scheduled to start Wednesday.

The instructions included that students can enter the exam from a tablet device or any computer or laptop connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or any chip from any service provider from the mobile companies in Egypt.

You must make sure to obtain your identification number from the website and then log on to the ministry’s website to obtain the user name, password and session codes for each subject for use in entering the exam from the site .eg

The Minister stressed the need to ensure that the experimental testing platform is reached sufficiently before the start of the exam, and that the time period shown for each governorate is a time frame that the student can start the exam at any time during it, and the exam time is calculated from the start time, and in the event of the examination being interrupted for any reason Save the answers and retrieve them when entering again.

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